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Doha Interfaith Mentoring

Mentoring is well established in the business world – particularly in the USA. But not at all in dialogue, conflict transformation and peace-building – areas I am learning something about during thirteen years in Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia.

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12 Cities Project

Soul of Europe in partnership with Jawaab, aims to create a network of campaigners across Europe to undermine, interrupt and combat Islamophobia.

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Peace Building & Bach

Peace-building is like a journey towards an ever-receding horizon. In this journey, we are called to imagine ourĀ­selves in a relationship with our enemies.

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Serbian Orthodox Monasteries Project

Our work on peace building in Orthodox Monasteries

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Kosovo Peace Building

The Soul of Europe was invited by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Kosovo to arrange and facilitate an international conference on Faith and Reconciliation.

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The Ferhadija Mosque

Central to the work of the Soul of Europe in Bosnia is the plan to reconstruct the Ferhadija Mosque after its complete destruction in 1993. The Mosque has now been reconstructed and was inaugurated in July 2014.

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