The Ammerdown Centre invites you to its 40th Anniversary Celebrations on Saturday 8 June. Rev’d Donald Reeves will host an organ recital and peace-building presentation. At 3pm, St. John’s church, Midsomer Norton Followed at 6pm by festivities and buffet supper At the Ammerdown Centre ( RSVP: 01761 433709 or

The Soul of Europe has had a fruitful year. Much of our work blossoms with hope of a healthy harvest. “The Room is Full of Light” On Wednesday October 3rd a Kosovo Albanian and a Kosovo Serb NGO presented the report Time for Reconciliation commissioned by the Soul of Europe.

Yesterday, the RTK reported that a round-table on relations between Patriarchate and Peja community was held. London based NGO Soul of Europe, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Kosovo, presented a report on relations between the Pejë/Pec Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate and local community. The Pejë/Pec mayor Ali Berisha urged

The Soul of Europe has completed an important report – the purpose of which is to see if there is a basis for establishing healthy community relations between the Patriarchate and the people of Pejë/Peć. We believe this is possible, and the recommendations and reasoning found through extensive experience in

Reverend Donald Reeves, a peacebuilder with substantial experience in the Balkans, offers five observations on Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasising that the intervention of ‘experts’ must be on the invitation of the people themselves. Reading carefully all the contributions and comments on constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would like

Donald Reeves and Winchester University are planning a Festival under the banner ‘ Bosnia Reborn’. The Festival will take place at the University. The Festival will have 3 components:- 1. Recognising the past. This includes presentations about the work of the Cinema for the Peace Foundation,and the Genocide Film Library.