In November 2010, Donald Reeves and Peter Pelz went to Germany, to Werl – a town in the Ruhr region. They had been invited by the Soest Forum of Religion and Cultures because Donald had been awarded the International Award of the Forum for their work of peace-building in Bosnia.

This paper is based on the Soul of Europe’s experience working in Bosnia since 2000 and more especially our participation in the project to create a memorial for those murdered at the Omarska mine in 1992. Analysing Conflict We discovered 3 approaches to analysing conflict (or disagreement to use a

There are 4 requirements for mobilizing the moral imagination: the ability to imagine a web of relationships including the enemy the finding and encouraging of people committed to strengthening this web-critical yeast the necessity for process and activities across every section of a community, not just ‘top down’ implementation the

This is the Soul of Europe’s vision on how the EU on the ways in which public funding could be more effectively spent in the area of peace building. I use this word in a generic sense covering the whole range of mediation, community relations and reconciliation. I am using