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  • Peace Building & Bach

    Peace-building is like a journey towards an ever-receding horizon. In this journey, we are called to imagine our­selves in a relationship with our enemies.
  • 12 Cities Project

    Soul of Europe in partnership with Jawaab, aims to create a network of campaigners across Europe to undermine, interrupt and combat Islamophobia.
Building a Good Europe

‘The public, shared moral heart of Europe was never allowed to beat and the inevitable has happened: the patient is struggling for life.’ Donald Reeves recently attended the Compas workshop where their final report ‘Building a Good Europe‘ was released and discussed in a series of workshops. Recent events throughout the EU, particularly austerity and the solidarity crisis, have thrown its purpose in the 21st century into question and exposed democratic and institutional failures. The mainstream debate around the EU referendum is unimaginative and full of fear. Compass’ Good Europe project, in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) London, takes the opportunity to have a more positive and creative discussion about the Europe we really want. The report explores the questions: · What is the purpose of the EU in the 21st century? · What policies do we need for Europe to achieve its purpose? · How do we make it happen? ‘Europe is not just a place, it’s ...

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